Address: 7A, Jalan Yasin S(417980)

Phone: +65 63274841

eMail: [email protected]


Dive Center Type: SSI Instructor Training Center

8 thoughts on “Aqueous Chronicles”

  1. I just want to thank you, Petrie, for helping through out my open water trip. It was such a wonderful experience that I shall not forget! To be able to see the various sea creatures that thrive under such hostile conditions, conditions in which we cannot like in, left a deep impression upon me to respect mother nature and to indeed treasure it while it last.

    The coral reefs that had been there before me may disappear within the next 50 years, of course I want my children to experience it and it is through people like Petrie – Aqueous Adventures that provide this bridge to allow one to experience such wonders. I must say I was scared at first, many doubtful questions were cleared efficiently by my dear bro here. I am glad to have experience my fair share of diving trips with you and am looking forward to more!


  2. Diving is so great and wonderful… !! SSI makes my diving possible.. With their well equipped facilities, plus patient and knowledgeable instructor, I totally leave myself in their good hands, without doubt. When it comes to FUN, we really went crazy.

    Happening group of people where we can dive together comes to seriously coaching, everything that I need to understand was well taught. So Good Sun, Beautiful Sea, Great Brandon. Two thumbs up and really can’t wait for the next dive! Keep it up SSI.


  3. YOz! Tis brudder here, will give me 50% discount off my next trip so I’m going to give him a testi and here it goes… Brandon is really Psycho, he will show you pixs of the underwater world n makes u 1 2 go diving. He is also quite self-fish to other dive instructor, Even trained my buddy’s wife (whom is scared of water) to dive confidently and get her open waters.

    Then he can actually plan the best live on board dive trip wif very good service & makans then make you gain weight. Takes care of U during diving until U dare not dive with others. And thanks a lot for making me broke for the rest of my life cos I am addicted to diving liao…

    Haiz! So people.. if you really crazy enuf to engage him as a diving instructor be prepared to discover a good friend whom is damn professional in what he does

    Louis Tan

  4. Brandon was/is my crash course diving instructor think he regrets having me as a student. Ha ha… Forget everything. Anyway, without him, will never be able to learn diving so fast and feel so confident in water just after several dives. Think what struck me was his sincerity in teaching all through the weekend.

    Thanks!!!! 🙂 Am sure your future students will benefit greatly learning under you. Also, a very good listening ear. Appreciate it.

    Stay Cheery! 🙂


  5. hey instructor… not fair… how come only Louis got 50% off next diving… any events gng on while u both share the same cabin??? Ops….. keke anyways, tks for taking such good care of us during the dive trip, bringing excitment to the ‘new life’. Indeed am looking forward to the next dive trip but when ley… ?? Also, you really earn credits – the way you take care and train Sharon, who USED to have phobia of water. Five stars for the both of ya…. see ya ard soon…


  6. yo yo yo!!!! really must salute you. the programmes, training and the meals you arrange are solid, got nothing to complain. this guy really surprise us from the way he train us, take good care of us as he’s totally different from his normal gangster attitude, ha ha ha ha!!!! Well… all the good things are said by louis and meiling. last of all, thanks for making the diving safe and enjoyable!!! cheers! see ya on the next diving trip. Take care!!



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