Address: 111 , North Bridge Road , #02-57 , Peninsula Plaza S(179098)

Phone: +65 63760053

eMail: [email protected]

Dive Center Type: SSI Instructor Training Center

REN Scubaworx a SSI Dive facility based in Singapore. Provide scuba diving lessons, scuba diving products and etc.

4 thoughts on “REN Scubaworx”

  1. Been on a trip with them recently, very professional and well org teams. Never a dull moment,they make my trip a memorable one and blend in alot of Doing it right (DIR) principal.

    I remember joshua telling me abt the Doing It Right diving philosophy. learn to be a thinking diver. hahaa..


  2. went by the shop.
    one of another dive centre that dont open their shop ?
    why in the shopping mall in the first place ?

  3. I read on forum that Renscuba not allow to sell Halcyon products.
    seem like the previous reseller in singapore got booted out.
    so if i have problem with my bcd , i go to Halcyon usa directly ?

    i called this dive centre twice today, no one answer.
    did some research & found out this outfit is all based on part time instructors . so actually SSI allow an instructor training facility to operate on part time ??? weird

  4. did a course with them once with instructor named joshua.

    i thought course was easy. went for next course with different dive centre, i find out he never teach me a lot the skills he was supposed to, like achieving neutral buoyancy. no wonder i spent my first weekend pumping & dumping air from BC.

    in general, their instr dont have much awareness of students in the water. another buddy team got lost in water, instr didnt even realise until one of us signal to him.

    IMHO, pick a diff dive centre.


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