Address: 52 West Coast Ferry Road #01-03 Republic of Singapore Yacht Club S(126887)

Phone: +65 67776760 Fax: +65 67778760

eMail: [email protected]


Dive Center Type: PADI Dive Center S-34067

5 thoughts on “Seaborne International Dive Center”

  1. I am currently looking at running a one off DSD for people at work as
    part of my Company’s recreation club just to do something a bit

    I’m looking for a reciprocal arrangement whereby I could borrow some
    gear in return for promoting your operation. Basically in
    return for an evenings worth of gear to be used in the pool I’ll promote
    your outfit for courses, travel and so on so any future business comes
    your way.

    I reckon I’ll get 20 – 30 people doing the DSD (so maybe need to borrow
    8 – 10 sets of equipment) so even if only one or two follow it up then
    its not a bad return. If this sounds like something we can explore more
    let me know so I can give you a call.

    Look forward to hearing from you either way,



  2. hi there, just want to check when will the diving starts in Malaysia? I would like to learn how to dive. how much does it cost too?



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